Monday, 15 February 2016

The continuing hunt for the Pyl.

I had the pleasure to combine my hunt for the Pyl with a visit to The Lord Nelson at Stonecot Hill. The stream passes the pub following alongside Trafalgar Road and Hamilton Road.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Please help Save Merton Bowls Club online petition

Please support this. I don't play but always remember my Grandma's love of the game up in Birkenhead. I am making arrangements to visit and get some pics.

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Petition update

Double it!!

Merton Bowling Club
3 Feb 2016 — AMAZING!!
We have reached our first 1,000, if everyone now got their partner or a close friend to sign, we could double the figure.
It's important that we look to show that all social & sporting communities are important, so please pass on details of our petition.

Very humbled by the support to date, a big thank you to all of the 1,000 who took time out to support Merton Bowling Club
Enjoy your Wednesday everyone
Best wishes
Tina Smith
Secretary Merton Bowling Club


I am very happy to report that the Merton Bowling Club has been saved. The Council has had the good sense to cancel the closure of the club.

The search for the Pyl - Grand Drive

It's amazing to discover you have a direct link to The Thames across the road by the bus stop you use to get in to Wimbledon. The Pyl Brook rises over in Sutton but there are two tributaries that form by Grand Drive having collected rain water that gathers on Cannon Hill. The Pyl joins up with the Beverley Brook before flowing into the Thames between Barnes and Putney.

This means I am going to go 'off piste' out of the borough to Sutton and Wandsworth. Watch this space.

The Beverley Brook is one of the 16 rivers and canals (not including The Thames) which form the London Blue Ribbon Network:

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